FloodSax sandless sandbags saved the day when water started to cascade towards a house in Surrey. 

Disaster seem unavoidable when a mains waterpipe burst in Samantha Strongheart’s garden in Purley, Surrey, and water started to pour down her garden steps towards her front door. 

But Samantha had a pack of FloodSax and used them to stop the filthy floodwater from getting in through her door. 

Without the FloodSax halting the deluge in its tracks, the damage could have run into thousands of pounds, not to mention the upset and upheaval that would cause Samantha.

The burst had been caused by tree roots so the water brought with it a load of mud from the garden but that was no problem for the FloodSax. 

Samantha said: “I’m so glad I had the foresight to buy these lightweight, space-saving FloodSax. I had bought them as a 'just in case' safety measure a year or so ago when there was local flooding near to my home as I don't have the space for 'just in case' sandbags. 

“The FloodSax are vacuum-packed that take up no space and give me peace of mind. 

“When the flood began in the garden staff from the water company were unable to locate the stopcock to turn off the water so it was pouring down the steps for several hours. It was about to come through the door and I was in a panic when I remembered the FloodSax stored in my cupboard. They saved me from having water damage as they were fantastic in blocking the muddy surge trying to get under my front door. 

“Personally I think every house and business should have a set the same way we have fire extinguishers as you never know when you might need them but they can save your property from expensive damage. They are a brilliant product.” 

FloodSax managing director Richard Bailey said: “We are so pleased the FloodSax helped Samantha to avoid the distress and misery that flooding brings with it. What happened to Samantha shows that flooding really can happen anywhere, anytime and to anyone.”