May 2021 will be great if you're aged about 3 and have a new pair of wellies to try out May 2021 will be great if you're aged about 3 and have a new pair of wellies to try out

All you need to know about the weather for May 2021

The rain has returned after one of the driest and coldest Aprils on record with more of the wet stuff forecast for the coming weeks.

The dry spell was shattered yesterday (Bank Holiday Monday) with rain and wind battering large parts of the UK and the Met Office is now forecasting more of the same with this coming weekend – Saturday, May 8 – looking particularly grim at the moment. There is even the chance of snow on the hills.

The Met Office forecast from May 8 to May 17 says it will remain unsettled with spells of rain – including local downpours – especially across western hills this coming Saturday.

The Met Office is warning of further spells of rain and strong winds moving across much of the UK from the new week starting Monday, May 10 with some hill snow in the north and the risk of coastal gales.

Temperatures are cold at first – it was the coldest April by the way since 1922 - but will slowly start to climb back towards average during May.

The Met Office reckons there will be a mixture of sunny spells and showers for the last two weeks in May with the potential for longer spells of rain and strong winds to drive in from the Atlantic. The driest and most settled areas will be in the south.

So, with far more rain expected in May than April best to prepare for the risk of it seeping into homes through leaky roofs and windows … or even flooding.

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