A company which produces pioneering sandless sandbags is helping a flood-struck community in Yorkshire. 

This means that any FloodSax sold in the Calderdale area are discounted and a percentage of sales are given to Watermark Flood Fund Calderdale. 

This is a charity in the Halifax area set up in the aftermath of the Boxing Day floods 2015 and funded by a charity called Community Foundation For Calderdale and Calderdale Council. 

Watermark Calderdale is a campaign to build a resilience fund for the towns in the Calder Valley for future flooding. The fund can be accessed by businesses and households in Calderdale immediately when future floods hit. 

FloodSax managing director Richard Bailey said: “As a Huddersfield company we just want to help our neighbours in Calderdale after seeing the horrendous damage severe flooding can do.” 

FloodSax are stocked in all Calderdale flood containers used by Calderdale Council and flood wardens across the flood risk towns in the Calder Valley. These are emergency stores that contain a many items suitable for flood mitigation and recovery. 

FloodSax will carry a Watermark Flood Fund logo in support of the fund. 

Around two million FloodSax have been sold worldwide.