Flood victims talk about their trauma … and what they’ve done to protect their homes and businesses

Real-life stories of the misery and devastation caused by flooding are now out in a free e-book.

The hard-hitting and clearly laid-out book has masses of photos and features more than 40 real-life case studies from families, businesses and communities that have suffered the dreadful consequences of flooding and its aftermath.

The book called Property Flood Resilience has been produced by flood awareness campaigner Mary Dhonau in partnership with the Environment Agency and flood insurance scheme Flood Re. It is filled with practical guidance and examples of the steps that can be taken to help home and business owners withstand flood waters.

These range from moving sockets higher up walls and installing flood barriers to putting in non-return valves on sewage pipes and fixing quick release hinges on doors so they can be removed quickly.

It also shows how people can recover quickly if they have been flooded.

Mary said: “The devastation that flooding causes should never be underestimated. It leaves a lasting effect on those who have personally been through it, a fact that is so often overlooked. In producing this eBook I’ve spoken to people across the country who have experienced flooding and, without exception, everyone has said that the recovery is far worse than the flood itself.

“Having been flooded myself I was keen to share best practice resilience examples to help inform and inspire those facing the prospect of flooding.”

The eBook includes case studies of families and businesses in York, Hebden Bridge near Halifax, Hull, Warwickshire, Cumbria, Lancashire, Oxfordshire, Berkshire and Suffolk. There are also eight examples of community volunteer groups who have established Flood Action Groups to implement interventions that help reduce the risk of communities from specific flood hazards. 

Dermot Kehoe, Director of Communications and Transition at Flood Re added: “In the future we are all going to have to become more resilient to protect ourselves from flooding.”

Property Flood Resilience can be download at http://edition.pagesuite-professional.co.uk/html5/reader/production/default.aspx?pubname=&edid=659cb024-a5d5-4004-acbf-1d9236228817

For more information go to Mary’s website at http://www.marydhonau.co.uk/