FloodSax alternative sandbags in action FloodSax alternative sandbags in action FloodSax sandless sandbags soaking up  filthy floodwater in a warehouse FloodSax sandless sandbags soaking up filthy floodwater in a warehouse

FloodSax alternative sandbags used by company specialising in environmental ways to deal with toxic leaks and spills

A company that specialises in dealing with chemical spills and leaks in an environmentally friendly way uses FloodSax alternative sandbags as an effective barrier to prevent contamination.

T&T Eco specialises in bioremediation (natural ways to break down environmental pollutants) and the removal of hydrocarbons including oils, greases, acids, fuels in all kinds of industries including the railways, defence and emergency services.

It’s a highly skilled task and vital any contaminated water is contained which is why T&T Eco not only uses FloodSax sandless sandbags but also sells them to its customers.

In their dry state FloodSax have a large, flat surface area so are ideal to soak up water and other liquids, especially in hard-to-reach places.

Immerse them in water and the gelling polymer inside the FloodSax absorbs the water and retains it to expand and become an instant sandbag but without any sand. They are 96% biodegradable by weight.

T&T Eco managing director Mike Page said: “FloodSax provide an essential, simple to deploy flood barrier solution, especially for rail, civil engineering and the emergency services. As they are so highly absorbent we also include them as an option for our spill kits.”

The Floodsax not only soak up a range of liquids but can also be quickly built into barriers to stop contaminated water getting into streams, rivers and other water courses. They can also be quickly put around expensive equipment to prevent floodwater getting in and causing damage running into thousands of pounds.

As the name suggests, T&T Eco (https://tandteco.com/) is a very environmentally-minded company and its main focus is to use high performing bio-based and plant derived chemicals to replace hazardous solvents and dangerous chemicals from workplaces.

Its material and surface cleaners are sustainable and safe to transport, use and dispose of, removing the risk to employees and the environment.

Its bio-solvents are fully recyclable, reusable for at least two years, biodegradable, non-flammable and non-toxic.

The company’s Natural Absorbent ProCleanSorb absorbs a wide range of hydrocarbons, acids, paints and fuels. It even absorbs potentially flammable vapours, making them immediately inert and safe. It is three times lighter, biodegradable and absorbs eight times more than traditional products.