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Here’s how to protect your house from flooding for just £140

Here’s a great way to be ready to prevent your home from flooding any time day or night for just £140.

That’s the cost of a box of 20 FloodSax alternative sandbags from FloodSax Express which will be enough to protect your front and back doors, patio doors and air bricks to stop floodwater from getting in and costing countless thousands of pounds damage.

It’s also a fraction of the insurance excess you’d have to pay if your house was damaged by floodwater.

If you check your home insurance policy you’ll probably be shocked to discover that your excess for flooding is way higher than your excess for any other claims such as accidental damage or burglary.

This is because floodwater damages everything it touches – floors, skirting boards, electrics, plaster, fridges freezers, cookers – the list really is endless. Flood claims are typically 37 times higher than a claim for a burglary which is why floodwater is known in the flooding and insurance industry as ‘the thief who takes everything.’

Local councils have absolutely no responsibility to provide old-style sandbags when a flood is imminent and even if they do sandbags are largely ineffective when compared with FloodSax which have been specially designed in shape and size to keep floodwater out. They are also largely biodegradable so are far more environmentally friendly than sandbags when it comes to disposal.

FloodSax come in vacuum-wrapped packs of five which makes them very space-spacing to store yet they are quick and easy to deploy.

To activate a FloodSax and transform it into an instant sandbag remove it from the packaging and then immerse it fully in water. The FloodSax will absorb up to 20 litres of water and retain it, causing the gelling polymer inside the FloodSax to expand to its full limit. This transforms the FloodSax into an instant sandbag but without any sand.

Around 3 million have been sold worldwide and are used in homes, businesses, hospitals, supermarkets, civic buildings … in fact everywhere.

They protect from floodwater after torrential rain, a fractured water mains or flooding from nearby rivers and streams.

In their dry state FloodSax are very flat with a large surface area so the gelling polymer will soak up water from leaks and spills, even in the hardest-to-reach places such as beneath sinks or underneath boilers and leaking radiators.

Lucy Bailey from Yorkshire-based Environmental Defence Systems Ltd which manufacture FloodSax said: “Investing in a box of 20 FloodSax is a very small price to pay for peace of mind knowing you’re ready 24/7 to deal with any kind of flood both outside or inside.

“Once water gets in it causes havoc and terrible damage which can take months to dry out and repair. It’s really not worth taking the risk.

“Recently we helped a couple who had a leaking roof with water running down an internal wall into an extension. By placing dry FloodSax all along the wall they soaked up the water and prevented it from running across the floor causing thousands of pounds damage.”

For more information on FloodSax go to www.floodsax.co.uk, email info@edslimited.co.uk or simply give us a call on 01484 641009.