The Met Office has just revealed the weather for the whole of November … and if you don’t like bad news then look away now.

For it will be cold, wet and windy – kind of what you’d expect in November although temperatures will dip below normal for the time of the year.

It starts tonight with rain virtually everywhere and then tomorrow it will rain heavily in Scotland and the southwest before moving north eastwards. It’ll be very windy with gales in places.

Then the outlook is unsettled with further outbreaks of rain for most parts interspersed with drier and brighter spells. Expect wintry showers over northern hills.

From mid to late November it will veer from cold, dry weather and widespread overnight frosts through to gales. The slight glint of a silver lining is that although temperatures are more likely to be below average at the start of the period they are expected to come near average towards the end of the month with more in the way of mild spells.

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