Customers have been eager to say what they think about FloodSax sandless sandbags … and the overall feeling is the peace of mind they have that they are now prepared for the worst.

Many people in areas vulnerable to flooding turn to FloodSax so they know they are ready if the waters suddenly rise.

Many people think local councils will come running to help with sandbags but often that simply doesn’t happen and it’s vital people take protecting their homes and businesses into their own hands.

American customer Renee is used to dealing with extreme weather. She said: “Hurricane Hermine brought an unprecedented storm surge to Cedar Key in Florida last year.

“After extensive research into sandbags and sandbag alternatives I chose FloodSax. Ease of use and durability were the main reason. Apparently there are cheaper alternatives, but if you read the reviews they are all flawed in one way or another.”

Another USA customer, Saralie Lynch, puts it perfectly: “We live beside a bay off the Potomac and every few years there's been water outside two doors here. I feel good every time I look at that box in the closet. When it happens again there will be enough for our neighbours too.”

Ellen Dill knows how vital FloodSax can be from first hand experience.

“This is the second time we've bought these,” she said. “The original order, they were great. The second order we haven't used yet but they are larger than the first order. I highly recommend them.

“You can wet them to inflate them beforehand or place them where you want them and let the rain or flood waters inflate them. Just make sure they can't float away before they get inflated.”

Henry Szymczak was equally impressed, adding: “Outstanding customer service. I needed these urgently and they arrived just as promised. FloodSax work well and saved us thousands of dollars in flood damage and lost business.”