Here’s what the Met Office and Environment Agency are forecasting about the weather in Autumn 2020

It’s been a wet summer for some – in fact, it’s been a shocker in the north - and the Environment Agency is now warning of higher than average rainfall this autumn.

After a great spring it was dismal summer for some parts of the UK with the Environment Agency revealing that north west England suffered its third wettest summer since records began way back in 1891.

Respite has arrived with decent September weather for the next week or two – but it’s just that, a respite with the Met Office warning of “typical autumnal wet and windy weather” by early October.

The Environment Agency is also warning: “For the 3 month period September to November, across the UK, above average precipitation is slightly more likely than below average precipitation.”

Once the ground gets saturated the water has nowhere else to soak so the flooding risk increases even with relatively small amounts of rain.

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