FloodSax catching all the water from a leaking combi boiler FloodSax catching all the water from a leaking combi boiler Multi-purpose FloodSax are incredibly flexible and super-absorbent Multi-purpose FloodSax are incredibly flexible and super-absorbent

How FloodSax stopped leaking boiler from causing water damage

Multi-purpose FloodSax have super absorbent powers which can save homes and businesses a fortune from flooding

A FloodSax prevented a leaking boiler from damaging a house.

Plumbers were called to the home in Huddersfield after the boiler started to leak water.

The problem was traced to a faulty rubber O ring on a diverter valve but the problem was the part needed to be specially ordered even though the boiler was dripping water.

Huddersfield plumber James Lucks from Lux Plumbing and Heating always carries FloodSax alternative sandbags in his van as their super-absorbency means they can soak up water leaks in the most inaccessible places around homes and businesses.

He popped one beneath the combi boiler which easily soaked up the water for a couple of days until the replacement part arrived. The boiler was in a cupboard so the FloodSax prevented any damage.

James said: “It gave the customer complete peace of mind. The FloodSax are quite large so can easily deal with the drips no matter where they were falling from the boiler and they can even be wrapped around pipes. They are ideal for places where you’ve no chance of using a bucket or tin to collect the dripping water.

“I reckon around 3 litres leaked from the boiler and the FloodSax easily dealt with that amount of water and could have absorbed far more.”

This is just one of many ways plumbers and DIY enthusiasts use FloodSax to soak up water.

They can even be popped into toilet cisterns to soak up all the water in them before repairs are carried out.

FloodSax look like pillowcases until they come into contact with water and because they are so thin with a large surface area they can be slipped just about anywhere, including beneath floorboards and cupboards.

FloodSax contain a special gelling polymer with hundreds of absorbent crystals which absorb up to 20 kilos of water. If they are submerged in water this causes them to quickly expand in around 5 minutes until they resemble a traditional sandbag to stop floodwater pouring in from outside. If the water is just a leak or spill then it will absorb 20 litres before it fully expands and its white cover will also show up watermarks so a leak can be quickly spotted and repaired.

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