A wall of FloodSax doing what they do best ... keeping floodwater at bay A wall of FloodSax doing what they do best ... keeping floodwater at bay FloodSax protecting a patio door FloodSax protecting a patio door FloodSax soaking up water from a dripping tap FloodSax soaking up water from a dripping tap

How this Christmas present could save you a fortune: Why FloodSax alternative sandbags are the gift that keeps on giving

How about this for one of the world’s most practical Christmas gifts as they can save you an absolute fortune along with misery, trauma and heartache.

Having FloodSax alternative sandbags means you’re protected from the risk of flooding day and night 365 days a year – including Christmas Day and they can usually be with you within 24 hours on express delivery.

Local councils have absolutely no responsibility to provide sandbags or other flood protection measures so it’s down to every home and business to sort out their own. Imagine trying to contact a council for help if a flood is imminent, especially at night, a weekend or a bank holiday. People do and only then realise all too late the councils usually can’t help them, even in a dire emergency. Remember the horrific Boxing Day floods in 2015?

Once a property is flooded the damage is immense – a typical insurance claim is more than £30,000 for a house and £70,000 for a business – and you’re also then usually forced out of the property for months while it dries out and repair work is done. Many businesses that have been flooded never reopen.

Flooding is a massive trauma which can have far-reaching implications on people’s mental health.

All this can be avoided with a box of 20 FloodSax – or even a couple of handy packs which each contain 5 vacuum-packed FloodSax.

They are very space-saving to store yet are multi-purpose and flexible. In its dry state FloodSax are incredibly thin with a large surface area so can be slipped into the most inaccessible places such as underneath sinks and beneath floorboards to soak up drips, leaks and spills. This can be vital if you have a leaking pipe or radiator to prevent damage until a plumber can get there.

Once immersed fully in water the FloodSax absorbs the water and then retains it so it miraculously inflates to become an instant ‘sandbag’ but without any sand. They are around 96% biodegradable by weight so are far more environmentally friendly than sandbags which can quickly deteriorate and leak sand everywhere, clogging up drains.

FloodSax managing director Richard Bailey said: “There may be more exciting Christmas presents around, but if the time comes when you need to deploy the FloodSax you’ll quickly discover you couldn’t have received a better present at Christmas 2022. I suppose it’s the most practical Christmas present you could receive but if it saves you money and trauma then it really will be the gift that keeps on giving.”

Many local councils now recommend FloodSax instead of sandbags. Read more about that here https://bit.ly/3SuOVFU

Flooding is the greatest natural disaster risk in the UK with an estimated 1 in 6 properties in England and Wales, 1 in 11 properties in Scotland and 1 in 34 properties in Northern Ireland now at risk of flooding. Six of the 10 wettest years on record have been since 1998 so climate change can be seen to be having a major impact on this. 

So, there’s still time before Christmas to get FloodSax … but act quickly as the big day will soon be here. If you get a flood it certainly won’t be the most wonderful time of the year.

To find your nearest FloodSax retailer or to buy them online go to http://www.floodsax.co.uk/buy/uk-suppliers/

We can usually get them to you within 24 hours.