September looks as though it may be a reasonable month weatherwise in the UK … but that will just be the calm before the storms.

We’ve taken a look at a couple of long-range forecasts and after a dryish September the UK looks as though it will be hit by autumn storms which will lead to a high risk of flooding.

According to the Met Office’s long range forecast the rest of August will see spells of cloud and rain at times, interspersed with a few days of brighter, showery weather. 

As we head into September we are most likely to see changeable weather dominating across the UK but there is a chance of some more prolonged dry and fine weather at times too.

On balance there are likely to be spells of rain and strong winds at times, especially across the north and west, probably interspersed with several days of brighter and showery weather. Temperatures may become warm or very warm at times, especially in the south, but they will probably remain generally close to normal for the time of year elsewhere.

But international weather forecasters AccuWeather is warning of what it calls ‘windstorms.’

It said: “Despite a dry start to the season across the British Isles, summerlike warmth will continue to elude Ireland and the United Kingdom throughout the fall.

“The dry start to the season will be welcomed by many following a wetter than normal summer that washed out weekend and holiday plans.

“Warmth will be limited to September as temperatures occasionally reach 24°C (75°F) in southern England.

“There will be a significant increase in the risk of windstorms across the British Isles from late October into November. Northern Ireland and Scotland will face the greatest risk for significant impacts.

“At least one post-tropical system is predicted to impact the British Isles during this time, presenting a high risk for flooding and damaging winds.

“An early start to the windstorm season is also expected which will result in multiple threats from late October through November in addition to any tropical systems.”

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