Which is the wettest city in the UK?

It’s been a sodden summer, but just which are the rainiest cities in the UK?

Well, radio experts Blaupunkt looked at both the average annual rainfall in mm and the average number of days of rainfall for each city in the UK and included data going back to 1981 to work out which cities are the wettest.

Here are the top 69 – or bottom - depending which way you look at it.

Cities on the west of the British Isles and those near the Pennines tend to suffer the most. Spare a special thought for the good people of Glasgow where it rains virtually every other day. The driest place on the list is Cambridge where it rains on average just twice a week.

Here are the top 20 and the rest are in the table.

1 Glasgow

2 Lancaster

3= Newry

3= Preston

5= Bradford

5= Leeds

7 Truro

8= Bangor

8= Cardiff

8= St Davids

11 Belfast

12= Derry

12= Lisburn

14= Manchester

14= Salford

16 Stirling

17 Swansea

18= Carlisle

18= Newport

20 Plymouth

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