FloodSax at the SICUR international security show in Madrid FloodSax at the SICUR international security show in Madrid

Why the rain in Spain can be a real pain

When most people think of Spain the last thing on their mind is rain … but it does rain there and when it does it can be an absolute deluge.

That’s why FloodSax have partnered with Spanish company Target Tecnologia to export FloodSax alternative sandbags to Spain to help hold back the floodwater.

It’s part of a drive by FloodSax to expand its number of partners overseas due to the phenomenal success of FloodSax sandless sandbags which have now sold well over 2.5 million FloodSax worldwide.

FloodSax sales director Richard Nikolic said: “When you think of Spain you automatically think of sunshine but rain can be a real problem there, especially in the south.

“The infrastructure is often not geared up to deal with torrential downpours on the costas which is why FloodSax can be so vital at keeping floodwater out of homes and businesses. Being flooded usually costs a fortune in damage, not to mention all the trauma and human misery it brings.”

Target Tecnologia’s product range includes high tech X-ray machines, chemical and explosives detectors and showcased FloodSax at the SICUR international security event in Madrid.

Its website states: “The company’s policy is based on the strict selection internationally of our products ensuring they are the most technologically-evolved products manufactured by world leaders.”

Any company interested in becoming a partner should contact FloodSax via www.floodsax.co.uk or phone + 44 (0) 1484 641009.