It's so much easier to use FloodSax sandless sandbags It's so much easier to use FloodSax sandless sandbags

Why you may have trouble getting free sandbags in the US and how you can be prepared for flooding 24/7 with alternative sandbags

Some authorities in the USA provide free sandbags … but it can be a very erratic and unreliable service leaving many homes and businesses unprotected against flooding.

Tropical storm Eta has just hit the Florida coastline after leaving a deadly trail of devastation across Mexico and central America.

In the run-up to the storm arriving, news organisations put out detailed information as to where people can get free sandbags … but it turns out sandbags can be limited to as few as 5 per person and people sometimes have to bring their own spades and, in some cases, even their own sandbag covers to fill them with sand themselves. One city just provides empty sand bags and then people have to buy sand from somewhere else to fill them.

There is another, far easier way, which is why thousands of Americans now rely on FloodSax ‘sandless’ sandbags. They are space-saving to store and quick and easy to deploy with 2.5 million sold worldwide in the last 12 years.

FloodSax resemble large pillowcases until they come into contact with water and when they do they absorb the water to inflate to weigh 20kg (44lbs) which makes them more effective than traditional sandbags at keeping floodwater out. It means 20 fit into a cardboard box which is easy to store and for one person to carry. 

Here’s what some of the news organisations have been reporting on the free sandbags in the US.

Wink News says that in Hendry County, Florida: “Residents will need to bring their own shovels and are responsible for loading the sandbags into their vehicles. They also advise that some locations may run out of bags so be advised that you may need to bring your own to fill with sand.”

7 News reports that on Miami Beach: “Residents can pick up a maximum of 6 sandbags per car.”

Meanwhile, 7 News says that at the city of Lauderhill in Florida: “Free sand for those who want to assemble sand bags is now available at Veterans Park.  Please bring your own bags and shovels are on site. The sand is available on a first come, first self-serve basis.”

News Break in San Diego, California, reports that people can pick up sand bags … and then will have to buy sand from somewhere to fill them. They state: “Residents with identification showing proof of residency can receive up to 10 empty sandbags as the bags are not pre-filled. Residents are encouraged to also plan to buy sand at local hardware stores or wherever else sand can be purchased.”

So, to be sure you’re ready for flooding 24/7, best to have FloodSax which can be easily stored in your house or garage and can be ready for action within minutes to keep floodwater out. They are especially useful for the elderly and people with mobility problems who won’t be able to fill and pick up sandbags for themselves. Twenty fit into an easy-to-carry box so you’ll never be short of instant FloodSax sandless sandbags.

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