FloodSax kept filthy floodwater out of this man's home saving him the misery, trauma and expense of being flooded FloodSax kept filthy floodwater out of this man's home saving him the misery, trauma and expense of being flooded

FloodSax are now thought to be the best-selling sandless sandbag in the world.

The pioneering invention has proved itself in action worldwide time and time again to such an extent more than 2.5 million have been sold in the last 12 years.

FloodSax is based in Yorkshire, England, but has partners across the globe and they have been used in countries including the USA, Australia, Japan, Kuwait, India, Russia, the UK and several European countries.

FloodSax sales director Richard Nikolic said: “To sell 2.5 million of any product is a phenomenal achievement but the FloodSax have often more than repaid our customers by keeping floodwater out of their homes and businesses, saving them a fortune in flood damage, the misery of having to relocate while their property is refurbished and higher insurance premiums.

“We know of one warehouse which swiftly deployed a wall of FloodSax within minutes when the area was hit with a cloudburst and flash flooding. It protected the warehouse against a torrent of water which would have wrecked machinery worth £360,000 if it had got in.

“We are now seeing quite a surge of facilities management companies buying stocks of FloodSax which means they are protected from flooding 24/7. They are ideal at stopping flooding inside buildings from broken pipes or taps left on and the FloodSax more than proved their worth when this happened at a hospital in the USA. FloodSax are also ideal at soaking up water in hard-to-reach places.”

FloodSax miraculously expand when they come into contact with water … and that could include the floodwater itself. Some rival products admit they don’t expand fully in floodwater, unlike FloodSax.

They come vacuum-packed so are easy and space-saving to both store and get to the scene of a flooding incident unlike traditional sandbags which take a lot of room to store and huge manpower along with vans and lorries to take them anywhere.

The semi-porous inner liner within FloodSax contains a special gelling polymer which absorbs 20 kilos of water to become taut.

Before they are activated FloodSax are incredibly lightweight, amazingly weighing just 7 ounces yet once expanded a standard 500mm by 450mm by 200mm FloodSax are strong enough to stop a powerful torrent of water in its tracks. Each row of FloodSax will keep around 20cms (8ins) of water out.

Richard added: “There is a strong consumer confidence in FloodSax and that’s reflected in both the sales and the testimonials we receive. FloodSax save in every sense of the word from saving properties from flooding to saving customers the misery, trauma and terrible expense of dealing with the aftermath of a severe flood.”