Here’s what customers have to say about FloodSax alternative sandbags

FloodSax alternative sandbags are sold by the largest home improvement retailer website in the USA … and its customers have been revealing how well their work.

Home Depot is a household name in the USA with millions of customers and those who have bought FloodSax have been impressed.

Here are just some of them:

Wolfbane, Colorado

We have only used one of these bags outside our goat barn which tends to flood every spring and summer, no matter what we do. We put one of the bags at the side where we knew the water seeped through. It absorbed all of the water that had emerged from a recent melted snowstorm. The barn has stayed dry. We will be buying more of these because of their multi-use possibilities.


Taco, Dundas, Minnesota

The fact that this product is designed to always lie flat makes it superior over all other competitors. All of the fill is designed into sections that will always keep it in place. That allows you to stack it to construct a wall or use it on doorways or garage doors. It also works very well for spills and water heater breaks.



FloodSax are great. They kept 6 inches of rain from flooding my garage.