FloodSax alternative sandbags in action FloodSax alternative sandbags in action FloodSax in their dry state soaking up an internal flood FloodSax in their dry state soaking up an internal flood

All the flood information you need to know about your property on one easy-to-use free app

All the vital information needed to protect homes and businesses from flooding can now be kept on one easy-to-use app for an instant response to any flooding emergency.

Once a property is registered on the free Resilico app you can quickly create flood alerts for it and also set up a flood action plan so you know exactly what to do if a potential flood is imminent.

You can register as many places as you want on the app such as your home, workplace and even your relatives’ homes so can keep an eye on flood risks to elderly parents.

The app will alert you to flooding risks from river, coastal or surface water with up to 48 hours’ notice. 

This means that if your property is at risk of flooding Resilico will send you a warning message and then you can quickly refresh yourself with your flood action plan on the app and put it into action.

So, for instance, if you have some FloodSax alternative sandbags you’d put on your flood action plan where you’ve stored them so you can find them quickly in an emergency.

You can add photos as well as information, perhaps showing when the FloodSax were last deployed so you know exactly how to use them again in a hurry.

If you have a flood protection device such as a pump which needs regular maintenance then the app will send you a reminder when this is due.

The app is also ideal for large buildings such as schools, hospitals, libraries and council offices so it’s ideal for facilities management staff who are responsible for risk.

The app shows you how to set up flood alerts, create a flood plan and, should the worst happen and you’re hit by a flood, produce a report for your insurance company showing all the actions you’d taken to try to prevent a flood.

A Resilico spokesman said: “When it comes to flood protection, the most important thing of all is to be prepared. Local councils have absolutely no obligation to provide you with sandbags or any other flood prevention measure so you must do it yourself.

“This app gives you everything you want to know about flooding in one place from flood warnings to the preparations you’ve made and how to put them into action in an emergency when time is critical.

“It also means you can prove to insurance companies what action you’ve taken to protect the property – be that a home, business, school or some other building – should any kind of flooding happen.”

The Resilico app has been developed by Resilient Planit Ltd to provide leading edge flood resilience technology in partnership with the Chartered Institution of Water and Environmental Management (https://www.ciwem.org/), Flood Re (https://www.floodre.co.uk/) home flood insurance scheme and the Property Flood Resilience Roundtable led by the Government’s Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs which looks at why property owners often don’t protect themselves from flooding until it’s too late.

More than one in four properties in the UK are now at risk of flooding so it’s vital everyone takes responsibility to protect their properties and reduce the damage, disruption and sheer misery that flooding causes while increasing the chances of a quick recovery should the worst happen.

For more information on Resilico go to https://resilico.com/