FloodSax sandless sandbags are so flexible we’ve now been able to compile a list of 30 ways they can help you … and the number just keeps on rising.

Although most people just think of traditional sandbags keeping floodwater out of their homes, FloodSax does that … and a whole lot more.

They are now used by homeowners and businesses worldwide to soak up leaks and spills inside … especially in those hard-to-reach places.

For instance they were deployed in a hospital in the USA after it suffered a major flood to prevent the water escaping from a corridor into side rooms and damaging high technology equipment.

A top showjumping event faced being cancelled after parts of the course became waterlogged … but the day was saved by our FloodSax partner in Belgium, Aquasorb, run by Adel Oueslati.

The Longines Spring Classic of Flanders is staged at Lummen in Belgium each year but it rained and rained which meant the organisers faced the nightmare of having to call it off.

With competitors and spectators travelling in from all over the world the cancellation would have cost hundreds of thousands of pounds. 

Adel strategically placed 260 FloodSax around the sodden course on the puddles on either side of the jumps and within 30 minutes they had soaked up all the water and the three-day event went ahead. 

So let’s think out of the box and see what other inventive ways we can think of to use FloodSax. Email us at andy@edslimited.co.uk, tweet @FloodSaxworld or visit our Facebook page.

  1. Residential flash flood protection
  2. Commercial flash flood protection
  3. Facilities management keeping them in buildings for emergencies
  4. Sink leak
  5. Toilet leak
  6. Washing machine overflow
  7. Dishwasher overflow
  8. Bathtub overflow
  9. Shower overflow
  10. Water heater leak
  11. Sink overflow
  12. Redirecting the flow of a stream
  13. Drying up damp puddles in the garden
  14. Flash flood redirection
  15. Ruptured water main protection
  16. Pipe leaks
  17. Mopping up after a fire sprinkler has been activated
  18. Oil spill
  19. Chemical spill
  20. Soaking up water from sports fields
  21. Fish tank leak
  22. Warehouse spill management
  23. Caretakers using them for liquid and chemical clean-ups
  24. Traffic signal sign weights
  25. Urinal leak
  26. Building a small dam
  27. Traction platform for vehicles stuck in sand
  28. Sea flood wall barrier
  29. River flood wall barrier
  30. Storm surge prevention

* Written by Andy Hirst at AH! PR http://www.ah-pr.com/