A rain-lashed golf course. Photo by Sebastian Hages on Unsplash. A rain-lashed golf course. Photo by Sebastian Hages on Unsplash. Holding a FloodSax before it comes into contact with water Holding a FloodSax before it comes into contact with water

How to instantly get rid of those annoying floods and irritating puddles on golf courses

Even the best designed golf courses will have spots vulnerable to flooding … or just where irritating puddles form.

It leaves groundsmen asking how can they soak up this unwanted water from their greens, fairways and even bunkers.

They can make it disappear using super-absorbent FloodSax which will absorb water in the toughest-to-reach places meaning the golf course can quickly be perfect for playing again. They can be used on any kind of sports fields.

In their dry state FloodSax resemble large pillowcases and their large absorbent surface area means they can soak up leaks, spills and drips in hard-to-reach places inside homes and businesses. It also makes them ideal to soak up large puddles in dips and troughs that you naturally get on golf courses.

FloodSax managing director Richard Bailey said: “Countless golf courses will have patches where water collects or is exceptionally slow to drain away and it’s very frustrating for players if their golf ball lands in this kind of water.

“FloodSax will quickly soak the water up no matter where it is on the course quickly and effectively. This is particularly crucial on greens and in the areas right next to them. Many sports can potentially be cancelled due to heavy rain but the FloodSax can be a quick solution to the problem for any kind of outdoor sport or events.”

FloodSax are mainly known as alternative sandbags or ‘sandless’ sandbags because when they come into contact with water they absorb 20 litres which transforms them from being as light as a pillowcase to being more effective than traditional sandbags in less than five minutes.

It means they can then be neatly stacked into barriers to keep floodwater out of homes and businesses.

Award-winning FloodSax have been used at sports events before.

When world-renowned show-jumping event The Longines Spring Classic of Flanders was in danger of being rained off in Belgium it would have been an absolute disaster as competitors and spectators had travelled there from all over the world.

But 260 FloodSax soaked up the puddles on either side of the jumps and within just 30 minutes the problem was solved and the three-day event went ahead.

Almost 3 million FloodSax have now been sold worldwide.

For more information on the multi-use FloodSax which can also be quickly deployed as alternative sandbags please go to http://www.floodsax.co.uk/