This wall of FloodSax alternative sandbags protected dozens of homes from a storm surge This wall of FloodSax alternative sandbags protected dozens of homes from a storm surge

How FloodSax flood mitigation 'sandbags’ kept hurricane floodwater at bay

Hurricane Dorian will shortly threaten large swathes of the USA even though the eye of the storm continues to wreak havoc on the island of Grand Bahama. 

It’s now 100 miles away from West Palm Beach in south Florida and people in the state are fearing a heavy storm surge which could be as high as 7ft on their coastline in the next two days. 

Although now downgraded to a Category 3 storm with 120mph winds, Dorian will linger over the island until late this morning when it will start to head north and approach Florida tonight. 

CNN Meteorologist Robert Shackelford said it will pass very near the Georgia and South Carolina coasts on Wednesday night and then roll near or over the North Carolina coast late on Thursday. 

He added: "Widespread tropical storm force gusts, heavy rain and heavy storm surge are still in the forecast for the Florida coast for the next couple of days, all of which can lead to power outages, flooding and other disasters.” 

People are busy protecting their homes with traditional sandbags but many now turn to alternative sandbags such as FloodSax which are ideal for flood protection. 

A wall of the self-inflating sandbags saved several homes from flooding when hurricane Sandy wreaked devastation in the USA in 2012. 

Around 50 properties were at risk of being badly damaged by floodwater when the Delaware River rose 2ft as the storm struck the New York area but they were saved by a wall of FloodSax which kept back both the floodwater and tons of debris. 

Jonathan Cochran, who built the wall, said: “If the water had got into the basement at these homes the damage in each one would have been in the region of $3,000 or $4,000. These homes had suffered from flooding before and there was no way the people living there wanted to go through that again.”