A special organisation set up to help flood victims says people need to have FloodSax sandless sandbags so they prepared to protect themselves from any future floods.

Watermark Calderdale was set up in the aftermath of terrible flooding on Boxing Day 2015 in the Halifax area of West Yorkshire (left) which includes towns such as Hebden Bridge and Brighouse.

The way it works is that businesses produce a Watermark product which could be anything from a FloodSax through to a beer or even an insurance policy.

The shop or business sell their Watermark product and a percentage (or all) the profits go into a fund which will be distributed if floods hit Calderdale again.

In a tweet Watermark Flood Fund states: “It makes sense for every household or business that has been affected by flooding to be prepared. FloodSax are easily stored and deployed in minutes.”

FloodSax are transformed from being as light as a pillowcase to being more effective than traditional sandbags in just three minutes.

Many homes and businesses worldwide now have a pack of FloodSax sandless sandbags so they are ready for any flooding emergency. They are space-saving to store but can be transformed into sandbags within minutes simply by adding water. 

Almost three million have now been sold worldwide. 

* Written by Andy Hirst at AH! PR http://www.ah-pr.com/