Many people loath it, a few actually love it but we all have to live with it.

We’re talking about rain.

It’s a fact of life yet do you know what rain actually is?

Well, let’s turn to the experts at the Met Office who say it’s all out the size of your droplets.

They say: “To become rain the water condensed in the clouds must be heavy enough to fall to Earth. For this to occur, the tiny droplets need to grow into drops by acquiring more water and becoming larger.

“Some droplets collide with others in order to become larger while others will grow as water condenses out the air into the droplet. When these drops become too heavy to stay in the cloud, we get rain.

“The size of raindrops is highly variable from as small as 0.5mm in diameter to 6mm.”

So there you have it.

Sadly, heavy rain can lead to flooding, but there are ways you can be prepared. Many homes and businesses now have FloodSax sandless sandbags so they are ready for it 24/7.

FloodSax are transformed from being as light as a pillowcase to being more effective than traditional sandbags in just three minutes and are ideal at soaking up spills as well as stopping running water.

If dirty floodwater is backing up through the toilet, a FloodSax rolled up and put down the pan will stop it. 

Around 2.5 million have now been sold worldwide.

* Written by Andy Hirst at AH! PR