FloodSax are ideal at soaking up water inside, preventing thousands of pounds damage FloodSax are ideal at soaking up water inside, preventing thousands of pounds damage All these 20 FloodSax sandless sandbags came from this one easy-to-carry box All these 20 FloodSax sandless sandbags came from this one easy-to-carry box

Well-known Scottish company LSK Supplies now stocks FloodSax alternative sandbags

FloodSax has a major new distributor in Scotland.

LSK Supplies is Scotland’s largest independent construction supplies and architectural ironmongers company open to both trade and retail.

It operates throughout the UK supplying some of the country’s largest construction companies.

LSK Supplies was established in 2000 and has grown to have nine stores throughout the country – three in Glasgow and the others are in Ayr, Dumbarton, Hamilton, Irvine, Kirkintilloch and Paisley.

LSK is now building a new website which will compete with the biggest names in the industry and mean customers can order online and run their own accounts.

The aim is to have the new website up and running by early 2024 and the current website is https://lsksupplies.co.uk/

FloodSax are the original and best alternative sandbag and are manufactured by Environmental Defence Systems Ltd based in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire.

Managing director Richard Bailey said: “We are delighted LSK Supplies has become a main distributor for us in Scotland. Flooding is becoming a major problem all over the UK but Scotland is particularly hard hit so it’s vital people at risk of flooding can get FloodSax quickly from a local supplier and LSK Supplies has a fantastic reputation.”

FloodSax are tough, incredibly flexible and multi-purpose so can be used both outside and indoors – outside to stop floodwater getting in and inside to soak up leaks, spills and internal floods.

Organisations that now have FloodSax include facilities management companies, utility companies, local councils (to protect their own properties such as libraries and also to give to local ratepayers at risk of flooding), hospitals, health centres, supermarkets, schools, universities, care homes, nurseries, sports centres, London Underground, railways, drainage companies, water companies, waste recycling plants, sewage works, petro chemical industry, high profile sporting events, airports, fire services, car parks, stadiums, stately homes, storage units, highways, the plumbing trade, charities, flood action groups, countless businesses and thousands of homes.

FloodSax are known as the sandless sandbag or the instant sandbag as they are vacuum-packed in their dry state so are space-saving and easy to store. They resemble an extra large pillowcase and the gelling polymer inside means they can soak up water leaks, spills, drips and internal floods and the FloodSax holds the water within it.

FloodSax are very thin with a large surface area which means they can be used in the most inaccessible places such as beneath boilers, underneath sinks and even below floorboards.

To transform them into alternative sandbags in around five minutes, fully immerse the FloodSax in water and the gelling polymer absorbs it and retains it to expand to become a sandless sandbag.

They are a more uniform shape than traditional sandbags, easier to move and stack and don’t deteriorate when they come into contact with water. Many sandbags fall apart spilling sand everywhere and letting water through.

FloodSax are also way more environmentally friendly than sandbags as they are largely biodegradable.

Contact the LSK Supplies head office by phone on 0141 280 4630 or email sales@lsksupplies.co.uk