What happens if you miss work because of flooding? The answer may surprise you

Floods have become a daily problem nationwide during one of the wettest autumns on record … but what are your rights if floods force you to miss work?

Well, according to Nelsons Solicitors, you have to make every effort to get to your job as your employer would be in their rights to not pay you. Floods can cause chaos on the roads and the railway network … but the pressure is still on you to get to work.

Here are the main things you need to know as reported by ITV online.

I can’t get into work because of the floods. Does my employer have to pay me?

No. Employees are expected to make every reasonable effort to attend work despite any severe transport disruption or road closures. If this isn’t possible, the employer is entitled to regard such absence as unauthorised.

My child’s school is closed – can I take the day off work?

You are entitled to take a reasonable amount of emergency unpaid time off work to take care of your children if there is an unexpected disruption in their normal care arrangements. However, it would be expected for you to make alternative arrangements for their care instead of taking time off to look after them.

My workplace has closed for the day because of the weather. Does my employer have to pay me?

Unless your contract has a provision allowing for unpaid lay-off your boss will still have to pay you if your workplace is closed because of flooding; this also cannot be marked down as a holiday.

My home is flooded – what should I do about work?

You are not automatically entitled to be paid if you need to take time off work to deal with the damage caused by your home being flooded. It is at your employer’s discretion to continue to pay you – as long as you make the time up at a later date.

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