There's a storm heading towards the UK There's a storm heading towards the UK Best be prepared with FloodSax alternative sandbags Best be prepared with FloodSax alternative sandbags All these 20 FloodSax sandless sandbags came from this one easy-to-carry box All these 20 FloodSax sandless sandbags came from this one easy-to-carry box

Why people need FloodSax alternative sandbags to protect them from the first autumn storm due to hit the UK in September 2023

Most of the UK will be battered by strong winds this week with the risk of flooding caused by heavy and persistent rain.

The Met Office has issued an emergency alert for Wednesday and Thursday (Sept 27 and 28), warning of severe wind gusts up to 60mph affecting inland areas with some exposed coastal areas being hit by gusts up to 80mph.

It’s been triggered by a deep area of low pressure developing in the Atlantic, powered by some energy from ex-Hurricane Ophelia which hit the north-east coast of the United States over the weekend.

It’s not been officially named a storm yet, but if it is then it’ll become known as Storm Agnes.

The quickest and easiest way to be prepared for flooding is to have FloodSax alternative sandbags which can be ordered online for next day delivery via our website ( and are available in most branches of nationwide builders merchants Travis Perkins.

In their dry state FloodSax have a large surface area so can soak up water pouring in through leaky roofs or from internal escapes of water, especially in hard-to-reach places such as underneath sinks, beneath floorboards or below radiators. 

Yet immerse them fully in water and the gelling polymer inside absorbs up to 20 litres and retains it, turning FloodSax into instant sandbags but without any sand which means they can be built into temporary flood barriers.

They are largely biodegradable by weight so are more environmentally friendly and more effective than traditional sandbags as they are bigger with a more uniform shape so easier to build into temporary flood barriers. 

When people think of flooding they still automatically think of sandbags … but many don’t realise they are now expensive, difficult to get hold of and don’t actually work to keep floodwater out.

Anyone thinking their local councils will provide sandbags when flooding is forecast is also in for a nasty shock as local authorities have no responsibility to provide sandbags or any other flooding measures.

Floodsax are a far better option – and one which several councils now recommend – as they are more environmentally friendly than sandbags, are space saving to store, quick and easy to deploy and far more effective and reliable at keeping floodwater out of homes and businesses.

They cost around £140 for 20 – that price can even include next day delivery - which is good value for money compared to sandbags which cost up to £370 for 70 prefilled with sand and delivery can often take between 7 and 10 days.

One company which sells them even warns: “Hessian sandbags should be used within four weeks of purchase due to biodegrading as soon as they get wet.”

FloodSax are exceptionally robust and will keep their shape for two or three months. They have a guaranteed shelf-life of at least 5 years before they are used due to the high quality of their vacuum-packing.