FloodSax sandless sandbags saved this homeowner from the misery and cost of flooding FloodSax sandless sandbags saved this homeowner from the misery and cost of flooding

Several councils across the UK have turned to FloodSax sandless sandbags so they are prepared for flooding emergencies day or night.

Although local authorities don’t have a responsibility to provide sandbags, many recognise that taxpayers will turn to them for help when flooding is imminent and so have made sure they have stocks of FloodSax for times of crisis.

After all, a small wall of FloodSax which inflate on contact with water becomes a better flood barrier than traditional sandbags and will save a fortune in insurance claims, not to mention all the misery and trauma that flooding brings with it. And, unlike sandbags, they can be used to soak up spills and leaks inside homes and businesses.

Gosport Borough Council in Hampshire urges its residents to use FloodSax, saying it has evaluated the bags. The council adds: “FloodSax have many advantages over traditional sandbags, being easy to store and move, easy to use and, importantly, easy on the environment, having a significantly lower carbon footprint.” 

Derbyshire County Council adds: “The county council have a limited supply of FloodSax and these can be provided to members of the public considered to be at risk of flooding for demonstration purposes only. Therefore, the county council recommends residents source their own additional FloodSax should they find that the product works for them.”

More than 300 homes in the Solihull area of the West Midlands were damaged by floodwater during a freak deluge in May 2018 which saw more than a month’s worth of rain fall in just under an hour.

Solihull Council carried out an investigation into how it happened and among a number of measures has provided people with FloodSax sandless sandbags.

Clr Tim Hodgson from Solihull Council said: “Some people lost everything and I am pleased that lessons have been learned and there is recognition that more work needs to be done. Actions have included drains being cleared and supplies of FloodSax provided to residents in at risk areas.”

Forward-thinking South Bucks District Council has provided FloodSax to people and businesses in a bid to save them from the misery of flooding and also keeps a stock in case of emergencies.

But it warns: “If your home is at risk from flooding please take your own precautions. Remember, it is your responsibility to look after yourself and your property. FloodSax are a useful alternative to sandbags and have been made available to some individuals and communities. They are lightweight and absorb water in situ.”

Lancaster City Council states: “There are some new and innovative alternatives to sandbags which react with water to provide the same or better defence but are much easier to store and will have a longer lifespan. Search 'sandbag alternatives' on an internet search engine to find such products.

“The council does not have sandbags available to meet requests from individual members of public as our reserve supply is needed in case we are directed to distribute them by the emergency services.”

More than 2.5 million FloodSax have now been sold worldwide.

* Written by Andy Hirst at AH! PR http://www.ah-pr.com/