Here's what our customers think of FloodSax sandless sandbags

Customers have been telling us how they have used FloodSax in action.

And their comments show why almost three million of the pioneering sandless sandbags have now been sold worldwide.

John Raulerson said: “Great customer service. Product works as advertised. Don't expect to re-use them. To me, this was a single-use, emergency product. Much preferred to filling sand/dirt bags. Got email from CEO directly--very heartfelt response. This is very unusual in today's world of profits over people. I would never even consider using another product.”

Mike N added: “Really great product. Absorbed and held water way better than the other sandless sandbags I've tried. They are a bigger too and can stack because they inflate evenly. I need these for the storm. Great experience.”

Mario Cavalli said: “The shipment was super-fast, despite it being at no cost. provided very professional customer follow up and support. Overall, a people-centric business, as they all should (still) be.”

D Hammond revealed how FloodSax helped to keep floodwaters from Storm Irma out.

He said: “The FloodSax created a great barrier to the floodwaters. We sealed our openings with silicone caulking (over rope backing), then with gorilla tape. We placed plastic painters tarps down and stacked the Floodsax up over them. Unlike the floodwater from Matthew, irma's waters stayed out and the buildings were dry. The FloodSax folks were extremely helpful and great to deal with. Within minutes of posting an online question right before Irma hit I received a phone call with guidance on activation. We are going to keep these on hand."

Lani Soreide said: “Easy to install and such a great product. Amazing customer service and awesome quality. Much easier than sandbags - no mess. Love these and they were such a life saver.”

* FloodSax sandless sandbags are ideal to soak up floods in homes and businesses. Simply put them on the flooded area and the water will be absorbed into them. They are especially effective in hard to reach places.

They also make ideal barriers to stop floodwater getting into properties.