People who have bought FloodSax talk about how they have used them in action

Customers never cease to be amazed at how well FloodSax alternative sandbags work for them and how they can save a fortune by preventing major flood damage to their homes or businesses.

Here are a few of the testimonials and reviews about FloodSax sandless sandbags that people have posted on Amazon

“What an outstanding product. These bags actually saved my first floor from major flooding. When Hurricane Florence was heading my way I knew I had to try anything to keep the water out of the house. I put FloodSax around the house, then evacuated it for three weeks. Upon returning, I discovered no water had entered the house, but the sandless sandbags were totally full of water. When new, FloodSax are lightweight and easy to handle. When filled with water they are heavy. I highly recommend these bags and I will definitely be ordering more.” Review by Margaret, USA.

“FloodSax are amazing. They are very light and easy to place and they hold quite a bit of water. I strongly recommend this product.” Mary A, USA.

“This is a great product. It self-inflates on contact with freshwater so can be placed by those who can't carry heavy weights. It stores compactly too. Excellent!” Alibee, UK