'FloodSax alternative sandbags protect my home for a fraction of the insurance excess'

When Yorkshireman John needed a solution to stop water seeping into his home he discovered the cost of FloodSax was a fraction of the price he’d need to pay for the excess on his home insurance.

John searched for a solution after water coming off nearby fields seeped under his patio door and ruined his carpet and underlay in February 2022.

Now the room has dried out and a new carpet installed John was worried it would happen again – especially as autumn 2022 is getting wetter and wetter – and discovered FloodSax alternative sandbags which are now protecting his home near Huddersfield in West Yorkshire.

John said: “The cost of the FloodSax is around a quarter of what our insurance excess is so using them is a no-brainer. The FloodSax have bought us some time until we can get the flooding issue sorted permanently installing new drains in the field.

“I feel far more confident now the house is protected by the FloodSax and they are way easier and cleaner to use than traditional sandbags.”