FloodSax alternative sandbags soak up water at logistics firm swamped by flash flood

FloodSax proved how powerful they are at soaking up water after torrential rain caused a flash flood at a Yorkshire transport company.

Dirty floodwater poured from a yard through a door into Kenneth Howley Transport Ltd in Castleford with several centimetres flooding the lower floor of the main building, including the garage.

It’s thought blocked drains in the yard and nearby roads contributed to the flood.

Operations director Arthur Daw said: “We managed to get some water pumps to work and FloodSax are stored in another company’s warehouse nearby so we were quickly able to get some to soak up the rest.

“It was still raining so we used FloodSax that had been energised by the floodwater to build a protective wall to stop any more water getting in through the door. They worked very well and proved to be a great product.

“We hope a flood like this won’t happen again but we have to be realistic and so we are prepared with more FloodSax.”