FloodSax saved Richard a fortune in internal flood damage after rain poured into his home

Richard and Bev faced the prospect of floodwater causing thousands of pounds damage to their home in Yorkshire when rain started to get in through the roof.

They live in a village above Huddersfield vulnerable to wind and rain and the water suddenly started to pour down an internal wall in an extension after continual downpours.

Richard used a row of FloodSax to soak the water up and prevent it from spreading across the floor, damaging furniture, electrics and the skirting boards.

Richard said: “The FloodSax were so simple to use. All I had to do was lay a line of FloodSax along the wall and it meant all the water soaked into them so couldn’t spread further into the room.

“It also meant I didn’t need to be continually there wiping the water up which I’d have had to do if I didn’t have the FloodSax. Investing a few pounds in a box of FloodSax has saved me a fortune in flood damage, not to mention all the hassle of claiming on the insurance and then trying to get tradespeople in to do the repairs.

“I would never be without FloodSax as there is always a risk of flooding 24 hours a day, 365 days a year in any house or business.”

Bev added: "They did a fabulous job containing excess water caused by storm damage, saving damage to furniture and kitchen units. I would definitely recommend using this product."