Homeowner in West Yorkshire town says she wouldn’t be without FloodSax sandless sandbags

Pamela Grant has used FloodSax alternative sandbags twice to keep flooding out of homes on her estate … and now she wouldn’t use anything else.

Yorkshire Water gave Pamela some FloodSax after previous flooding problems on a new development called Micklethwaite Landings close to the Leeds Liverpool Canal in the village of Micklethwaite near Bingley.

It suffers from water running down from nearby roads when it rains heavily and Pamela first deployed FloodSax in May 2019 to divert water away from homes and down drains.

Now in October 2022 she’s used more FloodSax sandless sandbags, this time after a burst water pipe beneath a road on the estate sent water cascading down the street once again, threatening to flood homes. FloodSax diverted the water away from the homes and into the canal.

Pamela said: “The FloodSax were easy to use. I just put them in the floodwater and they absorbed the water and energised themselves so I then built them into an L-shape to divert the water to where I wanted it to go.

“They worked a treat.”

In their dry state FloodSax resemble large pillowcases but they have a gelling polymer inside so once they’re immersed in water they absorb the water and then retain it, transforming the FloodSax into a sandless sandbag.