How FloodSax alternative sandbags saved Patricia’s home from flooding and now gives her flood protection 24/7

Patricia Palmer says FloodSax not only saved her home from flooding but also gives her peace of mind that she can now protect herself day and night.

She suffered a flash flood at her Hertfordshire home in late 2021 and it concerned her so much she decided she’d be prepared if it happened again.  

So she bought some FloodSax sandless sandbags and is so thankful she did.

Patricia said: “Water is so very powerful and that day the rain was absolutely torrential but the FloodSax were brilliant and worked just as it said they would on the packaging. I felt so protected by them and that was very important.  

“They are worth every penny. Buying them in advance so that I was ready for another flooding emergency was the best thing I ever did as they have potentially saved so much water damage.

“My family have lived in this house for 45 years and never had an issue with flash flooding until now but it’s happened twice in the past year. It just shows it can happen anywhere and at any time to anyone.”