Homeowner reveals how FloodSax worked both inside and outside the property

FloodSax alternative sandbags kept water out of homes and businesses during a hurricane.

One customer in Florida, USA, was so impressed he waxed lyrical about how the FloodSax had saved the day … and a fortune in damage not to mention the misery and trauma that flooding brings.

So take it away, EmRich, who says in an online review on Trustpilot: “I purchased a case of FloodSax a few days prior to Florida being threatened by a hurricane as my home was threatened by the storm.

“My case of FloodSax arrived a few days prior to the hurricane passing directly over my home as a Category 3 storm. As the storm intensified water started coming into the house so we deployed the FloodSax and, as advertised, the FloodSax quickly soaked up water that was already in the house. We then adjusted the FloodSax to form a barrier which stopped additional water incursion into our home.
“Based on my research over the last couple of years searching for an easier temporary water barrier that can be deployed quickly, along with my recent experience, I would recommend that business and homeowners along with all others who are responsible for protecting physical and other assets from rising water to seriously consider purchasing a couple of cases of FloodSax to provide an emergency barrier against rising water.

“Not only does it work as advertised but in its pre-deployment state it’s very compact, making it easy to store, transport and deploy, plus FloodSax are extremely light, reducing pre-event fatigue during deployment along with potentially reducing the risk of back injuries.

“FloodSax is a great product and exceeded my expectations as it passed the ultimate real life test, protecting my home as the hurricane passed directly over us.”