FloodSax alternative sandbags withstand the power of Hurricane Irma

When Hurricane Irma devastated parts of the Caribbean and the USA stories emerged of how FloodSax sandless sandbags saved some homes and businesses.

More than 40,000 FloodSax were dispatched to Florida in the days before the category 5 hurricane struck.

And people who have used them are now revealing how well they worked to prevent water getting in and causing a fortune in damage.

More than two million FloodSax have now been sold worldwide. They are transformed from being as light as a pillowcase weighing just 7 ounces to becoming better than traditional sandbags in around three minutes. This means they are easy to store and deploy.

To do that, all you need to do is add water and watch them miraculously expand.

The semi-porous inner liner within FloodSax contains a special gelling polymer  which absorbs the water to become taut. They are then strong enough to stop a powerful torrent of water in its tracks or can be used inside to soak up leaks.

Greg from Ponte Vedra Beach in Florida said: “We discovered FloodSax searching for flooding solutions as Hurricane Irma approached Florida. Our house flooded during Hurricane Mathew in early October last year and we had to move out for five months during repairs.

“The FloodSax were easy to place outside the garage doors and all seven doors to our home because we could wet them in bins right at each door while sandbags would have to be carried long distances.

“We also placed dry FloodSax inside each door and at each interior door to contain and absorb any water that got in the house. Irma floodwater reached the house just like it did with Mathew but when we returned home we were ecstatic and relieved to see we did not have a drop of water in the house. We will be keeping a supply of FloodSax on hand to be ready for any future flooding.”

Chris Leone added: “We ordered 80 Floodsax in advance of Hurricane Irma arriving at our home. The Floodsax team had our delivery to us in 48 hours and we were able to use them to keep our house safe and dry. As we had just finished repairing the flood damage from Hurricane Matthew last year we wanted a product that would protect us against flooding our brand new floors. Floodsax were great in keeping the water out. We will order more.”

Renee said: “Hurricane Hermine in August 2016 brought an unprecedented storm surge to Cedar Key last year. After extensive research into sandbags and sandbag alternatives I chose FloodSax. Ease of use and durability were the main reason. Apparently, there are cheaper alternatives but if you read the reviews they are all flawed in one way or another.”

Sara said: “The FloodSax solved my water problem perfectly. They are so lightweight they are easy to use and stopped water from pouring into my sun room. They were worth every penny I spent on them.”

Robert Scott said: “Great product and can be used in multiple applications. Had a plumbing leak and it saved my hard wood floors.”