Customers reveal how easy FloodSax sandless sandbags are to use in a flooding emergency

Reviewers on Trustpilot have been giving their thoughts about FloodSax alternative sandbags.

Here are some of their testimonials.

“Outstanding product, fantastic service. We ordered 80 Floodsax in advance of Hurricane Irma arriving at our home. As we had just finished repairing the flood damage from Hurricane Matthew, we wanted a product that would protect us against flooding our brand new floors. Floodsax were great in keeping the water out. We will order more, hoping not to need them, and recommended Floodsax to everyone who asks.” Chris Leone, USA.

“The FloodSax solved my water problem perfectly. They are so lightweight they are easy to use and stopped water from pouring into my sunroom. They are really very practical.” Sara USA. 

“Don’t expect to re-use them. To me, this was a single-use, emergency product. Much preferred to filling sand/dirt bags. I would never even consider using another product.” John Raulerson, USA 

“Really great product. Absorbed and held water way better than the other sandless sandbags I’ve tried. They are a bigger too and can stack because they inflate evenly.” Mike N, USA