Super-absorbent FloodSax worth £140 prevent thousands of pounds damage at huge warehouse

Rainwater pouring into a warehouse during a flash flood was sorted by FloodSax with absolutely no stock damage at all.

The incident at the LRH Storage and Distribution warehouse at Birtley near Sunderland happened when the rain was so torrential it overwhelmed all the drains and started to flood into the 40,000sq ft warehouse.

The water was quickly an inch deep in some places but the danger was it would then seep into the offices and wreck the company’s electricals, potentially causing thousands of pounds damage.

Luckily FloodSax are stored there and warehouse supervisor Dave Halliday used a box of them to save the day.

He said: “It was raining so hard the downpipes and drains simply couldn’t cope and the water was then backing up the drainpipes and finding its way into the building.

“It was then starting to cover the floor inside but we are prepared for this happening so all our stock is on pallets which means everything is at least four inches off the floor but the floodwater was soon getting to an inch deep in places.

“I was beginning to panic when I first saw how fast the water was coming in but it was quickly sorted by the FloodSax. They were really good at soaking up the water as it’s not something you can just brush away in a large warehouse. It needs to be soaked up properly and then we used the ones that had absorbed water as instant sandless sandbags to prevent any more water getting into the building.”

In the end absolutely no stock was damaged during the drama.

Dave used a box of around 20 FloodSax which normally retails for around £140.

“I just can’t believe something so cost-effective can potentially save such costly damage which is normally caused by floodwater,” he said.