Why this Yorkshire school will never use traditional sandbags again

A school will never use sandbags again after discovering FloodSax alternative sandbags during a flooding emergency.

Water began to flood into a classroom at Marsden Junior School in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, with the problem caused by water cascading down a nearby hillside during torrential rain.

It flooded a boilerhouse and when it seeped through the walls into the classroom staff Googled the word ‘sandbags’ to try to find the nearest supplier but discovered FloodSax alternative sandbags and, even better, the company was only 5 miles away.

FloodSax are manufactured by Environmental Defence Systems Ltd so the staff drove straight to the company to pick the sandless sandbags up.

FloodSax are multi-purpose so in their dry state can soak up water but once immersed fully in water the gelling polymer inside absorbs the water and retains it, transforming the FloodSax into an instant sandbag but without any sand.

It meant the school was able to use them in these different ways, soaking up the water and then to build a small temporary barrier in the corner of the classroom where the water was coming in.

It meant the FloodSax contained the water until it became deep enough to be pumped out.

The classroom is now shut with the children who are normally in there being taught temporarily in the hall.

Marsden Junior School business manager Cath O’Connor said: “We’ll never use sandbags again as the FloodSax have been so flexible and multi-functional, both at soaking up the water and then as alternative sandless sandbags.”

Some FloodSax have also been stacked against the wall in the boiler house to try to stop the water getting through again if it rains heavily.